ACS develops smart card operating systems (ACOS) as its intellectual property. Developed by our dedicated team of specialists, the ACOS3 Combi Microprocessor Card is a dual-interface smart card unlocks the potential of a smart card. It enables a single card to support various applications such as loyalty program, parking registration, access control, eID, and electronic purse.

ACOS3 Combi is specifically designed for highly secured payment applications. Featuring a high degree of security, ACOS3 Combi is particularly suitable for secure loyalty programs, identification and e-Purse applications. Likewise, it may be utilized for common payment solutions.


  • Available in the following interface:
    • Combi Card Interface
    • Contactless Interface
  • Full 8 KB of EEPROM for application data
  • Compliance with:
    • Contact: ISO 7816 Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
      • Supports T=0 Protocol
    • Contactless: ISO 14443 Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
      • Supports T=CL protocol and fully compatible with ISO 14443 Type A
  • High-speed transmission rate:
    • Contact: from 9.6 to 223.2 kbps
    • Contactless:  from 106 to 848 kbps
  • Supports DES/3DES and MAC
  • Has five secret codes + Issuer code
  • Has PIN code that may be updated by the card holder
  • Supports Key Pair for Mutual Authentication
  • Supports Session Key based on FIPS140-2 compliant true random numbers
  • Supports Secure Messaging to ensure that the data is secured from third party attacks
  • Supports Account File Data Structure that can be enabled for secure purse/payment applications