The ACOS7 dual-interface smart card is an “All-in-One Card” that has been certified by the Ministry of Construction (MoC) standard in China. It addresses the requirements of AFC (Automated Fare Collection) applications and infrastructure projects worldwide, and can also be applied to facilitate secure and cashless payment in multi-application systems.

Compliant with ISO 7816, ISO 14443, and supportive of e-Deposit and e-Purse transactions, ACOS7 Combi is an ideal choice for the world transportation market.

It supports both contact and contactless interfaces (combi), and can also be customized to support only the contactless interface.


  • Available in the following interface:
    • Combi Card Interface
    • Contactless Interface
  • Full 8 KB of EEPROM for application data
  • Compliance with:
    • Contact: ISO 7816 Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
      • Supports T=0 Protocol  and ISO 7816 Part 4 File Structures namely: Transparent, Linear fixed, Linear Variable, Cyclic
    • Contactless: ISO 14443 Parts 1, 2, 3, 4
      • Supports T=CL protocol and fully compatible with ISO 14443 A
  • High-speed transmission rate:
    • Contact: from 9.6 to 223.2 kbps
    • Contactless:  from 106 to 848 kbps
  • Supports DES/3DES
  • Supports hardware-based random number generator compliant to FIPS140-2
  • Supports Secure Messaging function ensuring data transfers are confidential and authenticated
  • Supports multi-level secured access hierarchy
  • Supports Anti-tearing function
  • Supports PBOC e-Deposit and e-Purse payment applications
  • Compliance with Ministry of Construction (MoC) standard